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Hey there, internet person. My name’s Mohnish.

I've worked the gamut—from a New York Times bestselling author to fresh up-and-comers who had no idea what they were doing.

If you’ve got a book (or a project), and you want to say something with your design, you’ve found the right place.


A few people I've worked with.






From copywriting to full-scale book production.


Let's launch your project to a different dimension.

Whether you need the perfect book or mindbending copy, here's how I can help.


The First Look

The Editorial Assessment

I read your book, and then I'll send you a complete tactical breakdown of what's good, what's bad, and real strategies to fix it all by yourself. From plot to pacing and style to tone, think of it like a shiny new GPS system for your book.


The Foundation

Positioning AND Outlining

If your book is like a rocket ship, you want to build the right rocket—and not a high-powered unicycle instead. I'll position your book (so the marketing is baked in), align the book with your goals (so the book fits you like a tuxedo), and structure your book in a comprehensive outline (so you can write your book like a pro). 


The Storyteller

RESEARCH, sTorytelling

I'll run you through the definitive breakdown of effective storytelling (and how to choose the perfect stories) so your readers don't throw your book out a five-story window. Plus, whether you're stacking up a wellspring of scientific research, or trying to fire up your book with some drama, I can be your tour guide.


The Inside Job


You bring the good ideas, I'll bring the mad skills. I'll write your book from start to finish, and make sure the voice, tone, and stories represent who you are, say exactly what you're trying to say, and go deeper than the last hour of a Christopher Nolan film.


The Revamp

Developmental Edit and Line Edit

You have a manuscript. But you need someone to tell you everything that's wrong with it—from big picture to little picture. Whether your book needs that extra something (and you're freaking out about it), or just another layer of polish, I'll craft your book into something beautiful.


The Full Package

THE A-TO-Z TO TAKE YOUR BOOK TO the next level

Your book can breakdance. Your ideas can sing. And the marketing can be baked in right from the start. Whether it's all the packages above, or just a select few services, let's launch this book into a different solar system.


The Sell


Whether it's for The New York Times Blog, or an Amazon sales page, I'll write copy that makes people laugh, cry, and (most important) act. Words—arranged in the right order, to the right demographic, to the right creative brief, and with a dash of sex appeal—can sell good ideas. So let's sell your next big thing (and do it like a human being while we're at it).


The Designer


Like the design of this website? Amazing—there's more where that came from. Whether you need a PDF document polished, or a Slideshare to market your book, I'll help you look slick and professional. You'll even impress your grandmother.


Let's talk about your idea.


Reach out.

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